Ice show

Spectacular Show

Spectacular sharp cut ice show. Thrilling ice carving show with great music lasting up to 13 minutes.


Sharp Cut

Have you been wondering how to surprise your guests ? I know – and I can offer you a unique artistic ice carving show, yet unknown in our country, guaranteed by my skills, supported with the Polish record from 2013. I will transform an ice block into an impressive, breathtaking sculpture.
Spectacular Sharp Cut Ice Show Thrilling ice carving show with great music lasting up to 13 minutes, with the use of one ice block with the size of approximately: 100/50/25. 13 minutes is the actual carving time, whereas the entire show may take even up to 20 minutes.


During such show I will create an exceptional and unique spectacle, trying to make you forget about the surrounding reality. For this purpose I will use basic tools for ice carving, such as: electric saw, which itself is a sharp, interesting and non-standard tool, commonly associated with gardening works rather than ice treatment, milling machines known from panel shops, straight grinders, well-known to DIY men, as well as common chisels.


The show will finally be enriched with fire and stage pyrotechnics and accompanied by thrilling, good, original, solid and sharp music. I guarantee full protection of the floor with a special mat, which prevents from the excess of water and ice particles spectacularly coming off. The technical background allows me to create a unique atmosphere of the show in every place, using lights, smoke effects and audio system. The sculpture made during the show will be placed in a special cuvette with water drainage system, together with the lighting in a previously determined location. Let it please the eye until the end of the party, wedding, conference or large event.

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