Ice carving workshops

Carving Workshops

Adam is an artist who holds polish record, but in fact anyone could be an ice sculptor.


Experienced Trainer

Adam is an artist who holds the Polish record, but in fact anyone could be an ice sculptor. At least we can make anyone feel like one for a moment. Our wide range of services includes ice carving workshops. Your guests will be able to check their own skills themselves. They will get the necessary tools and expert care, and afterwards they will be able to demonstrate the gained knowledge at home. Workshops are great fun and original way of spending time.

Great Fun

During this attraction, I provide the opportunity for our guests to perform “Sharp Cut”, where everyone will be able to face an ice block on separately installed stands and create their sculptures under professional care. Each participant will be provided with relevant equipment, enabling work with ice blocks.

Great fun and competition is guaranteed during the “Sharp Cut”. There are many opportunities to carry our ice carving workshops, such as group competition and joint construction of pre-developed arrangements, which makes it great attraction both for adults and children.


Select the appropriate workshop for you:

  1. Carving workshop standard (block with the size of 50/50/25 cm)
  2. Carving workshop VIP (ice block with the size of 100/50/25 cm)

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