Ice bar


We have developed the idea creating functional objects od ice, which do not only charm with their beauty, but are mainly practical



When creating unique ice sculptures, we thought – why should we offer a product which is nothing but pretty ? This is how we have developed the idea of creating functional objects made of ice, which do not only charm with their beauty, but are mainly practical.
Each of our ice bars allows for delivering professional guest service and provides the same level of comfort as a classic bar. What makes them different is the originality and the fact that your guests will be fascinated. Our bartender at a wedding or other event will make it enjoyable for everyone and ensure great atmosphere.


Intended for serving fruit or alcoholic beverages. Cooperation with the best bartenders and baristas is the guarantee of a flair bartender show at the highest world level.

Each ice bar may contain a customer logo, a company name or even the names of bride and groom. Each bar may be stylized in line with the event theme. Many possible configurations, as well as equipping the bar with a coffee machine. You will receive the initial concept of the bar in the form of visualisation for every inquiry.


You can select from the following options:

  1. Ice Bar Standard (standard bar without attendant and extensions)
  2. Ice Bar VIP (with extensions and attendant)
  3. Ice Bar + Bartender Service with full supply package
  4. Ice Bar + Bartista Service + Coffee Machine with full supply package
  5. Ice Bar Full Package + gratis

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